Parenting Advice for the Real World.

Parental advice.
Real parenting advice.

Miso N. Grey has written a parenting book with real and relevant parenting advice. Think of it like the little black book of parenting. Oh, it’s snarky, and that’s an understatement. And its rants are raging and never-ending. The first few pages define children as lovable little parasites.

DIARY OF AN ANGRY FATHER contains obvious things parenting experts often miss. It also reveals secrets Grey has uncovered in his travels from folks you wouldn’t immediately think have an undue influence on your child’s development. It’s truth based on real world experiences. Now you can avoid all the mistakes and pitfalls of parenthood. Diary contains information that could save you and your children.

Miso N. Grey is angry at the world. With a name like that, how could he not be? Fighting a daily battle against endless outside influences that aren’t usually for the good of all mankind, Grey struggles to keep his four kids in line and on the road to success. You too will be angry when you read Diary of an Angry Father. But you’ll become a better parent. It begins like this:

When my kid, a tiny little human, slipped out of his mother’s hugely-dilated vagina screaming bloody murder, honestly, I was scared to death. A few weeks prior, on Thanksgiving morning, I mistakenly ruined a turkey by leaving the plastic bag of gizzards inside. This time, I was very careful to scour for missing parts. No matter how hard I looked, there was no parenting book, manual, DVD or even as much as a business card or website address inside that pouch called the afterbirth. There was, however, a tiny helpless human being. And here I was, a large clueless man with no directions.

Grey graduated Summa Cum Laude from the school of hard knocks. While many of his friends sailed through Ivy League schools and became successful doctors and attorneys, Grey’s coursework included four weddings, two biological children, four stepkids, and enough fully taxable child support payments to feed a village of starving African children for roughly three hundred years. Grey’s liver has probably tolerated a pallet of Tylenol. Grey complains “there’s too much blood in my alcohol system.”

Order DIARY OF AN ANGRY FATHER in paperback or Kindle form from AMAZON today. It makes a terrific gift for any new or experienced dad in your life. Mom, you may learn a thing too. Armed with information, you’ll finally understand how the lesser half thinks.

This blog, like us, like life, like civilization, is a work in progress. All comments, suggestions, hate mail, and trolls are welcome. Dig in and have fun. You might just learn something, and your comments or ideas may make it into Volume 2. And oh yeah, please buy the book. Or… if you’ve found something helpful, we love PayPal donations too. Eating ramen noodles six days a week gets old very quickly. Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Parenting Advice for the Real World.

  1. This is so right on the money. I was as confused as you were but now I think it is funny as hell
    that we are so eager to get into something we don’t have a clue about. Love this!!!! Book

  2. Danny Blues, I had no idea how clueless we all are. All I wanted was a manual from the big guy, but sadly, we’re on our own to make parenting mistakes and learn as we go. Thanks for the compliment!

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