America’s Lost Edge.

Have American kids lost their edge? It sure looks that way. But why? And what can you do about it? You can begin by putting those fishing poles, golf clubs, fantasy football picks, reality shows, and gentleman’s club VIP cards away and taking your parental responsibility dead seriously. Immigrant parents tend to hold on to their traditional child-rearing customs and practices, some of which would be considered harsh by current American standards. Shame, guilt, and fear were three very effective elements of my first-generation immigrant upbringing. High on discipline and low on tolerance, these immigrant parents provide a wonderful model for raising future doctors, scientists, and other worthwhile professionals. Make fun of them all you want, but they’ll be eating your pie until former all-Americans are the new lower-class American minority. Mark my words – if America continues on this course, by the year 2100, Causasian, Hispanic, and African-American kids will all be performing low-wage labor for the foreign accent-bearing masters they all used to taunt.


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