Fifty thousand words, hundreds of valuable insights, and scores of spelling and grammatical errors. It’s in the editor’s hands now, on schedule for its October release. Going to self-publish this one, both in printed and e-book versions. Please tell Oprah and Katie to cool their jets. Thanks.

Today’s tidbit: Driving tips:

Here are the best things I learned from my drivers’ ed class:

  • Just because the Speed Limit is 45 does not mean you need to travel exactly at that speed. Note the word “limit.” Contrary to popular belief, you could legally drive 43 MPH in that zone and still keep up with the flow of traffic.
  • There is a real area known as your “blind spot” along the side of your vehicle, where you cannot see another vehicle, or they cannot see you. Always double check before switching lanes or passing someone, especially if they’re in a truck.
  • Never assume people are always going to stop in time, move out of your way, or do the right thing. Everyone screws up and makes mistakes at one point or another.
  • Most importantly, if you’re stuck on a railroad crossing and a train is approaching, get the hell out of the car and run away. The train is not going to stop regardless of your calculations or how much you pray.

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