Circumcision hurts, mommy.

To cut or not to cut... that is the question.
To cut or not to cut… that is the question.

If you truly love your newborn son, don’t overlook the issue of legalized torture. Apparently, male infants are not protected against cruel and unusual punishment by the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution. So the decision is left up to you – to circumcise, or not to circumcise? Why? Why not? What’s the point? The real question is, would you let some heartless doctor cut skin off your most private part? Of course not. That’s got to be incredibly painful! So why would you pay him to do that to your innocent little boy? Many doctors don’t even give an anesthetic before performing a circumcision. And since it technically is a surgery, there are associated risks including blood loss and infection. Why not slice the vulva off girls, while you’re at it? May as well fleece those insurance companies for as much as you can.

Circumcision removes the natural foreskin on the shaft of the penis, leaving that little “head” part that looks like a mushroom exposed. When a male achieves an adult erection, you can still see the scars on the shaft. Honestly, I would have preferred a choice.

Some religious proponents believe a clean penis is holier. But if their God didn’t want men to have a foreskin, why did He put it there? Some folks in the medical community justify circumcision as helpful from a sanitary perspective, potentially avoiding infection from bacteria that can hide beneath the foreskin. Opponents say it’s a silly, painful, cruel, and dated ritual with unfounded roots in religion that can adversely affect the sensitivity of the penis during sexual intercourse. If you teach your son to wash his penis thoroughly, he shouldn’t have an issue.

Whatever you decide, remember that circumcision is an irreversible procedure. You can’t easily slap that foreskin back on when he’s 20 and foreskins are as cool as iPhones once were. So think about it, discuss it, and choose for your son very carefully.


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