Mom files excessive force complaint after her son runs over a police officer.

Edward Kelty, now 18 years old, is facing three charges, including attempted second-degree murder with a weapon of a law enforcement officer.

ORLANDO, Fla. — A 17-year-old was arrested Tuesday and charged in connection to an incident that left an Orlando police officer hospitalized. Police said Edward Earl Kelty is charged with attempted second-degree murder on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

Sounds remarkably like any unfortunate news story in any major American metropolis today. But here’s the kicker. Orlando Channel 9’s Shannon Butler talked to two mothers who filed an excessive force complaint against Anderson in the incident. One mother told WFTV her son was shot once in the arm and grazed on his stomach after Anderson opened fire during the hit-and-run. “My son got shot twice,” the woman told the reporter, “in his right arm — his main arteries — and his stomach. The hospital called me to say they found my son in the parking lot laying down with two bullet wounds in him.” The other mother said her son was a passenger in the vehicle, saying the 17-year-olds took off because they were scared.

So why did mom file an excessive force complaint? Probably because she saw what just happened in New York City, and is looking to get paid. Regardless of what these mothers said to reporters, they have to know their children were in the wrong. Officer William Anderson is seen in dashcam video from inside his patrol car running up along the side of the vehicle and drawing his gun as he approaches the vehicle while holding onto his radio as he shouts commands at the driver. Seconds later, the passenger in the front seat runs out of the vehicle. As the officer went around the front of the vehicle in pursuit, Kelty hit the gas, striking Anderson. The officer is then seen falling to the ground. Four hours later, investigators found the suspects’ car abandoned and set on fire.

Anderson spent about a month in both the hospital and a rehab facility before he was released to go home. He suffered a severe brain injury and is permanently disabled. The police officer’s wife, Jessica Anderson, testified at Monday’s bond hearing and said her husband continues to struggle with memory issues, chronic pain and tremors. Anderson’s life, and the life of his wife and children, and Mr. Kelty’s lives have all been fucked forever – not because a white police officer pulled over a car driven by a black youth, but because Momma’s little angel was running around illegally and unsupervised in the middle of the night.

Which leads us to the real question that’s never asked by any reporter — “What the hell were your 17 year-olds doing driving after 2 in the morning? State law dictates minors cannot drive after midnight.”

Perhaps we should go a little deeper. How about this, Mom of the Year: “Have you taught your sons that when pulled over by a police officer, they should put their hands where he or she can see them, not get out of the car and run away, and definitely not to run over anyone? Did you know you should simply follow the officer’s instructions so you won’t get shot, my little angel?”

Or, how about this gem, “Who let them use the car so late at night? And why did they set the car on fire? What did they have to hide?” Why didn’t you report the answers to those questions, Shannon Butler? Oh, you didn’t ask those questions, did you? Why not? Because that would seem racist.

Any reasonable person knows these kids were up to no good. There is no valid reason on God’s green earth your 17 year-old child should be out joyriding at 2:45 AM. This is a parental failure at its worst, and those mothers and fathers should be charged as accomplices. That would smack these idiot mothers into shape, hopefully giving pause to letting their little angels run buck wild in the middle of the night.

But that’s not what we do in today’s American society. Instead, we feel sorry for those poor criminals, cry racism, and then we pray for their mothers. Meanwhile, the kids spend a taxpayer-funded vacation in juvie with other like-minded fools. There, they’ll learn to fight, that crime is the norm, and they’ll most likely come out worse than when they went in, Going to prison can obviously disrupt school and make it harder to get a job later on. But also, as other researchers have found, many people who end up behind bars end up making friends with other offenders and building “criminal capital.” Prison turns out to be excellent training for a life of crime. Now, with their newly acquired friends and combined criminal ideas, they’re angry at all cops, ready to illegally acquire weapons, and completely prepared to spend more time in the adult prison industrial complex. Remember, parents, they’ll have to commit and be convicted of a crime to become incarcerated. And God forbid that crime is the rape, assault, or murder of someone you love.

Society only works if we all work together. That’s you, me, our children, and the authorities. And proper behavior begins in the home. Without accountability, some parents will never give a shit. Apparently, that’s what happened in Orlando, which is quickly becoming a cesspool of irresponsible parents. Don’t let this happen to your children too.