Janissa Valdez gets body slammed by a police officer.

The world was once again outraged as mobile phone footage of a Texas police officer picking up a 12-year-old girl and slamming her onto a concrete floor has emerged. Yet, the viral video starts late into the slamming, and no single news report emphasizes what lead up to this catastrophe. Ostensibly, there was an altercation between Janissa and someone other upstanding student, and it was Officer Joshua Kehm’s job to break it up. Janissa resisted, and Kehm had to do what he was trained to do. Yet, all the public will ever recall from this sensationalism is that Jenissa was body slammed by a cop.

A few weeks later, a 16-year-old girl died after fighting with other girls in a bathroom at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware. Now that police and security officers have been rendered helpless by you idiotic parents and administrators, you are responsible for this girl’s death, and the many more that will follow.

This is the epitome of irresponsible journalism. The race for ratings has destroyed any semblance of fair and responsible reporting, and unfairly positions the public with an anti-police attitude. Running a one-sided story like this is dangerous for all children. What should have happened was unbiased reporting on the events that lead up to this altercation. Surely, one of those students, interviewed separately and privately, would have disclosed the true events leading to the necessity to restrain Janissa. Did Officer Kehm overreact? Maybe. But now we’ll never know for sure.

Unfortunately, as these things typically work out, regardless of the truth, Janissa’s resistance to a police officer will certainly lead to a lawsuit filed on her behalf, and Janissa will be paid handsomely. Ultimately, police will have even less authority to do their jobs in the aftermath, and immature children will continue push the limits of disrespect. As a parent of a middle-schooler myself, this is not a world in which I want my children to suffer. I can only imagine the permanent injuries or even deaths that will occur as a result of non-intervention, not to mention the distraction to those who want to learn.

I challenge any of you “journalists,” including @SebastianMurdoc, to suit up and spend an entire semester as an undercover solitary resource office in any one of these schools that has suffered an overreaction by police. Witness the disrespect and bad behavior for yourself. Intervene in fights and battery for a few months. Let’s see if your mileage varies. You can thank me during your Pulitzer speech.