We’re all screwed.

No – it’s not the Sophie’s Choice of Clinton or Trump. Actually, Sophie might have had both of them taken away. It’s the economy, stupid. The systematic eradication of the world’s middle class via mergers and consolidations – now featuring offshoring, reshoring, automation, and AI. There will be no jobs very soon, and I don’t hear anyone outside the fringes seriously talking about this.

In Rise of the Robots, the ultimate pessimist Martin Ford (@MFordFuture if you’d like to be depressed daily on Twitter) warns of a near dystopian future where financialization has rewarded a few well-placed oligarchs with winner-take-all spoils and leaves the rest of us grasping for crumbs. Some of you might think, “Great! I won’t have to do shit because the robots will do everything for us! Murica! Yeah!” Well, you genius Trump supporters, there’s a fundamental problem with your laziness. No jobs equals no income. No income equals no spending (and no taxes). No spending equals no capitalism. No capitalism equals no shareholder wealth, and the collapse of everything you know and love. Ford correctly observes that no one in our government seems to be talking about solving this problem.

I’ve talked about this before in Diary of an Angry Father, and how I am having a devil of a time telling my children how they should plan their schooling and subsequent careers, because every single piece of parenting advice ever written will be obsolete and foolish by 2020. Forget cooking, driving, medicine, law, stockbroking, financial advising, software development, or just about anything else you can fathom, because all those jobs are toast. Damn computers are writing symphonies that have fooled critics. The only sliver of hope I can past the 2020 horizon are the trades – plumbing, electricians, roofers, and builders – and only until they’ve built the buildings that will house their own replacements by 2025. When the middle class dies, the economy stops – and everyone will suffer.

So, one-percenters, it’s your responsibility to do something about this now before it becomes a government issue. Take some of that fabulous wealth (that we, the middle class, have made possible) and sock it away in some sort of special publicly-managed fund. Let it grow for a couple years at the same rate your income is growing, and gradually release it as a Universal Basic Income to those who will never have the opportunity to work a job again. This way people keep eating, they keep spending, you can still spoon-feed them your Fox News bullshit, and everyone is happy. You can’t even spend 60 billion dollars, so why keep it all to yourself when you’re going to lose it all anyways?

As far as my kid goes, I’m keeping tight-lipped for now. That’s all I need – a kid who knows no matter what he does, he’ll end up unemployed. He’ll never leave the house. Keep this one under your hat, fellow parents.



One thought on “We’re all screwed.

  1. I never really cared about the economy. My mother raised me telling me since I was 5, “I’m preparing you for college!” So going to college was just as expected as graduating from high school was. It was my most logical next step. I was always at the very top of my class in ever school I attended. School was always easy for me naturally, so I never “prided” my self of academia. I went to college and changed my major from Chemistry pre-med to Finance my Junior year, (because after talking to my counselor he told me he couldn’t help me find a “natural medicine” med school). I was always holistic and I have naturally cured myself from “incurable” illnesses. I never was a big fan of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Anyway, I chose Finance because there were real estate classes in the curriculum, and I grew up watching “Flip My House” lol. In my years of learning finance, I learned that the only way to make real profit is to partake in fraudulent activity…and I mean that. It’s all a game.

    My Senior year, I started a photography studio with money from my student loans. I never ever EVER thought I would be a business owner. I thought I would be a doctor or engineer. After I graduated in 2012, I applied to Finance jobs to no avail. I got a job at a call center that you hardly need a high school diploma for, and continued to grow my business at the same time. When I started the job I told myself I would only be there 6 months to a year. After 7 months, I put in my two weeks notice. Now I’m going on 4 years since I’ve been self employed…and guess what?? I HARDLY do photography anymore. Doing my passion for business made me hate my old passion. BUT I have learned several other ways to make money. I now have 4 great streams of income, and I don’t even have to leave my house (living the legally separated, single mommy life).

    All that to say. The economy is not the ALL. The creator, god or whatever you want to call it. The ALL is all and we ALL have access to this source energy. We live in an abundant universe. Source energy at our disposal 24 hours a day 365/366 days a year. We all are born with gifts to offer that no one else can but YOU. The world is shifting. We either can change or get left behind. I say, “F*** a job.” I can turn a dollar into 10 and $10 into $100. I’ve came up from absolutely NOTHING. The true economy only exist in our own minds.

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