Teens and Sex.

Don’t think it’s important? Chew on this for a moment:

  • At least one in ten of all 13-year-olds have already had sexual intercourse.
  • Half of all teenagers have had some sort of sex by the time they enter the 10th grade. Fortunately, half didn’t – or perhaps they aren’t talking about it.
  • One in every five teenage girls will become pregnant during high school, forcing them to make an adult decision way before they’re ready for that kind of responsibility.
  • By the time they finish high school, two out of every three young adults will have become sexually active in some manner.

It’s difficult to get honest statistics from teens. Even with a huge and probable statistical margin of error, those numbers are still disturbing.

“The talk” is awkward – if not impossible. Sex seems to be the single most difficult topic for any parent to discuss with their children. Kids are embarrassed, and parents are in denial. Take it from a kid who learned all his mistake from poorly misguided idiots – it’s always better to have the talk and steer your kids in the right direction rather than let nature take its course. My mother and father could have saved me a lifetime of grief and a couple hundred grand in child support payments for a kid her mom never wanted, and yet still kept her away from the only person with common sense in her life (me). I had no idea what sex was about, how to do anything, what not to do, or the potential repercussions. I am still learning! I talk about this in my book, Diary of an Angry Father (which EVERY parent should read), but opted to save the real discussion for the followup book. However, with my own adolescent kids navigating the treacherous waters of dating, it’s too important to withhold.

Fortunately, many kids will do their own research online. We didn’t have that when I was a kid. It’s important to know that just because it’s online doesn’t make it good advice. But – it’s a great place to start. Remember that anyone can build a website and spew erroneous opinions. Even me. I am not a sex therapist, and I will never pretend to be a relationship counselor. I have scoured popular authors and articles for what I thought was the best advice written by pretty smart people and/or professionals, and listed those articles here. If you choose not to have the discussion yourself, perhaps you can steer them to this post and let them read this information privately. It’ll dispel many myths and uncover truths in an effort to prevent life-altering mistakes, and allow your children to explore the final adolescent wonderment of physical mortality. Start here:

Seventeen Magazine: Answers to Teen Sex Questions

Seventeen Magazine: Girls Reveal What They Wish They Knew Before Their First Time

Scarleteen: Sexual Advice for Teens

The Six Types of Sex

Sexuality and Gender Identity

Sex and Birth Control Options

About Penis Size – Myths and Other Stupidity




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