It’s too much work. I won’t get one anyway. You have to be Einstein, or Indian to get a scholarship – I’m too white.

Listen, if your kid is going to waste four (or more) years and countless thousands of dollars attending classes that will teach her or him next to nothing she’ll use in the real world, you might as well attempt to get some other sap to pay for part of it.

There are so many different types of scholarships. Most folks are misinformed and stand a much better chance than they think of qualifying for dozens of scholarships. There’s lots more scoop about scholarships and even a free college scholarship search available at Here are some of their best tips:

You don’t have to wait until your senior year to apply for scholarships. Many scholarships have deadlines in January, so the sooner you begin the more you will have a chance at winning.

Scholarships are not only for top scholars and athletes. There are many scholarships that do not take grades or athletic ability/participation into consideration whatsoever and some, while they do consider your GPA, the minimum may be 2.5.

You don’t have to be a great essay writer to get a scholarship. It’s more about what you write than how well it is written. Following instructions and addressing the essay question is often more crucial to your success than how eloquently you write.

It is ALWAYS worth the effort no matter how much the scholarship is for! You might spend an hour or two on a scholarship that’s worth $1,000. That’s equivalent to earning $500 an hour! And that’s money you won’t have to pay exorbitant interest on for the next 30 years. Many kids apply and receive several small scholarships, and that adds up!

There are scholarships for minorities and those with documented financial need, but there are also many scholarships that don’t take either of those into consideration. A great way to find out what scholarships you qualify for is to complete a profile on and let US match the scholarships for YOU based on who you are and what your interests, talents and academic credentials are.

Many of those applying for scholarships have a bad attitude or don’t take the time to properly read or follow the rules and answer the questions correctly. Go into it with the right frame of mind and you could be one of a small pool of applicants who are considered. Apply for as many scholarships as you can and you are bound to win something, provided you make sure to do everything you are asked and follow all of each scholarship provider’s instructions.

There are scholarships that go unawarded each year. However, it’s hard to know how much the unawarded scholarships are worth. Scholarship scammers claim there are billions of dollars in free money to convince you to use their paid service. NEVER pay to find financial aid for college. You can find most of the real opportunities for free online. The best way to begin is search Facebook for local groups, charities, and organizations, and call or e-mail them to see what’s available. Check with the bigger companies in your area, since most of them offer some sort of scholarships. And ask the schools you’re interested in, because they too offer scholarship assistance.

But just don’t skip the opportunity and not try at all – that’s what most other people do. You’re a responsible parent who wants your child to succeed, right? RIGHT? Do the right thing.